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Outreach projects :

Rabbinical students teach kindergarten children : Ever since the kollel moved to its present location in Hadar Ganim, it has adopted the religious kindergartens in the neighborhood. Every week Ratzon Yehuda students speak with and run activities for children in no less than twenty-five kindergartens.

The kollel adopts an elementary school : For nearly three years, the Ratzon Yehuda’s rabbinical students, at the request of the school’s principal, have been holding classes and activities at the neighboring elementary school, to the satisfaction of children and school faculty alike.

Merkaz Zehut : The Kollel’s flagship project for Petach Tikva is the Merkaz Lezehut Yehudit (Center for Jewish Identity). Ratzon Yehuda students and staff run activities and classes for children in the non-religious schools in the city where they teach the children the basics of their Jewish heritage and cultivate an identification with it. Some of the topics covered include Jewish holidays, the siddur, and Jewish books. Approximately 5,000 children are introduced each year to basic concepts in Judaism thanks to Ratzon Yehuda’s initiative.

Summer / Pesach camps : For many years Ratzon Yehuda has been running day camps before Pesach (“Seder Night Kollel”) and during summer vacation. Some 200 children are registered in the camps which take place in several locations and combine athletic and Torah activity.

Women's evening programs : This year Kollel Ratzon Yehuda opened a new evening program for women focusing on Halacha and Midrash.

Pensioners program : Ratzon Yehuda operates two study programs for retirees in the center of town. Approximately 25 people attend each program, studying in pairs and listening to classes given by Ratzon Yehuda students and faculty.

High-Tech evening program : One evening a week a large group of high-tech professionals attend a class in Halacha geared to Semicha-level students.

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KOLLEL RATZON YEHUDA : Chana Robina 15, Petach Tikva, Israel
mail: Ratzon Yehuda, POB 2122 Petach Tikva, Israel   phone: 972-3-9072154   fax: 972-3-9379444   e-mail:

Friends of Ratzon Yehuda : 300 Robin Rd. Englewood NJ 07631 USA
Friends of Ratzon Yehuda is a New Jersey based non-profit recognized in the US for tax purposes

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